It's a dirty job but someone has to do it and who knows more about soil than a worm?


The friendly S.K. Worm can answer any question about soil! Visit S.K. Worm at the USDA-NRCS site. S.K. Worm is the official annelid, or worm, of the U.S. Department of Agriculutre's Natural Resources Conservation Service. This worm can answer your questions about soil.

Sammy Soil





When you're done playing a game with S.K. Worm, check out another cool guy, Sammy Soil!

Sammy has a neat coloring book about soil for you! To see the coloring book and print it off, visit the EPA's Sammy Soil Online Coloring Book created by Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission.



Learn about soil layers by making some delicious Dirt Pudding, complete with grass, worms, and rock!


Do you like to sing? Here is a webpage full of Soils Songs for music time!


Are you an artist? When you make your next painting, you can Paint with Soil for an earthy masterpiece. Dig down below the topsoil to get different colors and avoid painting with sandy soils.

Did you know soil is made up of lots of different-sized pieces? Find out more with "Soil Sizes - Some Surprises.

You and your friends can make and exchange your own Soil Trading Cards.

Learn More About Soil: Interesting Activities



Meet Claude, a smart little clod of dirt, and the first thing he'll tell you is EVERYTHING begins and ends with soil! Visit Claude at the USDA-NRCS Urban Extension Page from the University of Illinois.



Get the "Dirt on Soil" with Discovery Education's Field Guide and take a Soil Safari!



Detective Leplant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, need your help to unlock the mysteries of soil and plant life in The Great Plant Escape.