Here are some highlights just for you!


Boy Scouts!

Did you know there is a Soil and Water Conservation badge?  Learn more about the badge on the Boy Scouts of America page.


A-Maze-ing Underground

Help corn flourish by collecting the perfect balance of nutrients like pacman would.
from Agrium's

Detective Leplant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, need your help to unlock the mysteries of soil and plant life in The Great Plant Escape.

Science Experiments

What makes soil stick together? Check it out!

Dr. Dirt's K-12 Teaching Resources and Activities A sponge in water is used to demonstrate many types of soil water interactions.

Use grape Kool-Aid to learn how "Soil is a Filter" and how important soil is for clean drinking water.

Fun Stuff

Are you an artist? When you make your next painting, you can Paint with Soil for an earthy masterpiece. Dig down below the topsoil to get different colors and avoid painting with sandy soils. Look here!



Get the inside scoop

We made and wrote a book targeted for kids in grades 4-6, with cool enough pictures that anyone of any age will love it! The book talks about how "Soil is NOT Dirt" and "Yikes, It's Alive!" It comes with your very own soils glossary and lots of pictures to explain soil and show pretty, colorful soils from all over the world!

It's now available for purchase SSSA's online bookstore (note, you'll need to create an account or login to purchase - be sure to have your parents help out with this).

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